Mapping Regional Urbanism

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As cities across the Middle East and North Africa confront contemporary urban challenges, a growing chorus of grassroots activists, architects, social scientists, and planners are offering new and alternative visions of urban life. Tadamun: the Cairo Urban Solidarity Initiative is launching this online portal as a key component of our Mapping MENA Urbanism project. This project aims to create and disseminate knowledge and to facilitate collaboration among MENA urbanists working to solve development challenges and to improve daily life in their cities. Such knowledge includes strategies for more equitable urban policies, improved public spaces, innovative housing policies, enhanced urban sustainability, the right to the city, and accountable local government. This map highlights organizations, campaigns, think tanks, academic centers, and a variety of actors working on these areas across the region, as an interactive and searchable interface. The platform is intended to grow as visitors submit and share information about relevant work. Do you know of an important initiative that has improved your community or city? Please add your initiative here.

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